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Upload Results

As a promoter or enthusiastic racer, how can I upload my results directly to gravel-results.com?

  • Make an account with an email address so we know who to talk to in the event of problems.
  • Take your results in excel and save them a format we like. There are detailed instructions on this below.
  • Upload your file and look at the output. If you like what you see, click the "Save Results" button. Copy down the url it gives you.
  • Distribute url to racers. Drink beer, re-glue tubulars.

How to convert an Excel file into a CSV that we'll play with

Step 0: Did you just upload these results to USAC?
You're done! We can use that format too, just upload that file and and let the magic happen! If not, proceed to step 1....
Step 1: All results on one sheet!
When you save an excel file as a csv, it only takes the data from the "active sheet." So if you're one of those people who has every category on a different sheet, it's time for some cut-and-paste. Make a new sheet and put all your results on it, keeping categories together.
Step 2: Label Categories
We're going to read the sheet from top to bottom. We need to know where one category begins and another ends, so put the name of each category at top of it. It should look like this:

Any row that has exactly one cell filled on it will be treated as a new category. If you don't get the categories split where you thought they should be split, check for extra data on the category-separating rows.
Step 3: Label Columns
We need to know what columns have what data. The only columns that are required are "First Name" and "Last Name" or "Full Name" or "Name."
We can also use (but don't require): "Team","Time","Place","License"

The first row in the excel sheet should contain your column labels. You only have to put these in the sheet once, although if you have them listed for each category that's not a problem. You first row should look like this, with the columns in any order:

Step 4: Save as CSV
That's all there is to massaging your data. Go to File -> Save As... and pick the csv format to save as. Excel will warn you that it's only going to save the active sheet. Click OK. Upload file.